Intelligent Parking Bay Sensor System

Topics: Parking, Parking lot, Multi-storey car park Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Intelligent Parking – Parking Guidance System Intelligent Parking is a parking guidance system with the main objective of timeously advising motorists of available parking in multiple parking zones and allowing them to make decisions on where to park long before they reach critical intersections. Intelligent Parking then effectively guides the motorist to these open bays with minimum effort in as short as possible time. Intelligent Parking also gives the client an effective tool to monitor and run their entire parking facility effectively and efficiently. Benefits of Implementing Intelligent Parking 1 Less congestion due to fewer vehicles driving around looking for parking. 2 Reduction in time and fuel spent by road user searching for parking. 3 Less queues as motorists will go to parking areas with the most available bays. 4 Better flow of traffic through the area. 5 Intelligent Parking results in higher revenues and profitability for parking facilities. Intelligent Parking can run in three modes. Integrated to an existing Parking Management System Stand Alone System with Loops Connected to SATT’s BEC 106a Bay Count Sensor.

Intelligent Parking User Interface

Intelligent Parking Central Intelligent Parking Central is a Windows based software platform which can run as a stand alone system or in a client/ server architecture. Intelligent Parking has a GIS based user interface which allows you to select views of different parking areas and in the case of multi-story Parkades allows you to drill down to the different levels of these

Each view gives you an instant real time overview of the operational status of that specific parking zone with regards to: Number of Open Bays Number of Occupied Bays Number of Reserved Bays Number of Disabled Bays Reserved Bays occupied past their reserved time Vehicles Parked in excess of XXX Days Faulty sensors The User interface gives instant health status of all connected devices such as Zone controllers, Sensorsand...
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