Intelligence vs. Brain Size

Topics: Linear regression, Brain, Regression analysis Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Intelligence vs. Brain size
Project 2: Data Collection
College Algebra 161
November 15, 2012

Intelligence vs. Brain size
The Data Collection project was designed to teach students how to collect, and organize, describe and document data using Excel lists and graphs. I chose this particular subject to research to further my understanding of the evolution of human species. “Can intelligence and brain size be directly related, and as intelligence increases, what happens to the size of our brains?” I conducted my research through the internet by searching for previous, creditable research by someone trained the in the field of Anthropology. The website that I found to have to most useful information needed to conduct an extensive research with adequate background history in the subject was Creation The website contained an article written by the institute’s chief technical advisor, Steven Rowitt, Th.M., Ph.D. After reviewing the information contained in the article, I was able to formulate a hypothesis. My hypothesis is that as humans evolve, and intelligence increases, so does the size of the brain.

The tools used in this project were the website from which I obtained the information and Microsoft excel which I used to document and chart the data. Using that data I was able to formulate a graph, and a mathematical model that could test and support my hypothesis. The graph shows you the trend of growth in brain size, per ____(one thousand years. However you decide to chart it)---------- The mathematical model formulated from the graphed data, will allow future testing to see if the trend still continues, or if the size of a human brain reaches a maximum or minimum. The goal was to chart previous data collected by experts to support my hypothesis as well as predict and test the size of human brains in the future if the trend continued and develop a linear equation to represent the findings. I began by collecting 12 points of data of...
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