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The definition of intelligence is simple; it is an individual's capacity to learn, reason, and solve problems. What is complex is how we measure that capacity and use that measurement. One of the original uses of intelligence testing in the early 1900s was to separate or segregate those individuals who were deemed of low intelligence. Provide a brief history of intelligence testing and how it is currently utilized. Choose one of the intelligence tests described in your course readings and research the Internet for more information on the test. Report your findings. Based on your research, do you recommend using the test? Why? Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your textbook and course readings. Comment on the postings of at least two peers. Provide an analysis of each peer's postings, suggesting specific additions or clarifications for improving the discussion question response. Intelligence

The mental capacity to acquire knowledge, reason, and solve problems effectively. Historical records show that over 4000 years ago sophisticated mental testing methods were used in ancient China. The Chinese employed a program that required its government officials to demonstrate their competence every third year at an oral examination. “Later, applicants were required to pass written civil service tests to assess their knowledge of law, the military, agriculture, and geography. British diplomats and missionaries assigned to China in the early 1800s described the selection procedures so admiringly that the British, and later the Americans, adopted modified versions of China’s system for the selection of civil service personnel (Wiggins, 1973).” (Psychology Core Concepts pg. 38 of 92).

Intelligence tests today are used to measure the intellect of a human being (child or adult) to identify mental retardation or giftedness. With mental retardation being below an IQ of 30 points and giftedness being above 30 at 130 IQ points. The...

Psychology Core Concepts
Sixth Edition
Philip G. Zimbardo
Stanford University
Robert L. Johnson
Umpqua Community College
Vivian McCann
Portland Community College
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