Intelligence Testing Article Analysis

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Intelligence Testing Article Analysis PSY/450April 21,2014Michelle Wagner Intelligence Testing Article Analysis Gauging a person’s intelligence is significant for countless reasons. The reliability of intelligence testing throughout the years has seen changes because people are not the same and many factors determine intelligence. Individuals who take intelligence tests usually do so for placement. Children beginning school must take a series of tests and evaluations. These determine the cognitive development of children and if the child meets the basic standards for children within that age group. In addition intelligence tests are used for adults for college entrance, acceptance in the military, court proceeding, and employee candidates. Society has an abundance of intelligence tests; the Stanford-Binet, Binet-Simon scale, Weschlers (WISC and WAIS), SAT, and ASVAB are commonly used tests. Developing an intelligent intelligence test is an approach used by the American Psychological Association and other professionals; this analyzes theories to the fullest and determines the effectiveness of various intelligence tests. Theories of Intelligence Testing

Determining intelligence through a series of questions is the general approach. Nevertheless, before a test is administered a series of evaluations of the test must be performed. For example the SAT that is a college entrance examination given to students in high school to determine their abilities and placement for college. Therefore, the concerns’ involving the SAT is the national average score. When students take an IQ test, the results are based on an entire group of various levels of intelligence. However, random students are used for taking the SAT, students who take the SAT are preparing to enter college, so their scores are likely to be higher than students taking a basic IQ test. Society must note the differences among the intelligence on an IQ test and the academic ability on achievement tests...

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