Intelligence Testing and the Job Selection Process

Topics: Intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Theory of multiple intelligences Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: August 10, 2010
1.Discuss the Benefits and Limitations of intelligence testing. Include a discussion on the validity and reliability of intelligence test. There are many benefits and limitations for using intelligence testing in the job selection process. Benefits may include the employ is informed about who is intelligently suited for the role. The employer is shown who has the intelligence to keep up with the standard of work that may need to be produced. They then can pick the candidate whose knowledge best suited for the position. Intelligence tests are excellent predictors of academic achievement and provide an outline of a person's mental strengths and weaknesses. Many times the scores have revealed talents in many people, which have led to an improvement in their educational opportunities. With intelligent testing there are also limitations to this process. Although the employer can see who is intelligent enough to do the work, the job may also involve other skills such as people skills. The intelligent tests would not tell the employer the person with more people or organizational skills. Because the person is intelligent it doesn’t mean they are necessary best suited for the position. The intelligent tests also do not show different types of intelligence. The candidate could have a mathematical brain and the tests are testing them on spelling. This would cause the person not to score as well as they would have. Another limitation includes that it may not be a true reflection on intelligence. One the day of the testing the candidate could be unwell, exhausted or hungry, these facts could greatly impact on the results of the test. So therefore the tests would be incorrect. If the tests are to be conducted on candidates for employment they must me valid and reliable. If not then the tests are unfair to anyone that takes them and should not be trusts to help the employer chose a possible employee.

2.Consider and discuss the ethical issues that arise when using...

Bibliography: (Unknown). Workplace Intelligence:. Available: Last accessed 25 May 2010.
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