Intelligence Quotient Test Questions

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Multiple Intelligences (M.I.) Inventory
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Complete each section by placing a “1” next to each statement you feel accurately describes you. If you do not identify with a statement, leave the space provided blank. Then total the column in each section.

|Section 1 |

_____ I enjoy categorizing things by common traits
|Total number of 1’s |
|used in Section 1: |

_____ Ecological (environmental) issues are important to me _____ Hiking and camping are enjoyable activities
_____ I enjoy working on a garden
_____ I believe preserving (saving/keeping) our National Parks is important _____ Putting things in hierarchies (system of levels) makes sense to me _____Animals are important in my life
_____My home has a recycling system in place
_____I enjoy studying biology, botany and/or zoology
_____I spend a great deal of time outdoors

|Section 2 |

_____ I easily pick up on patterns
|Total number of 1’s |
|used in Section 2: |

_____ I focus in on noise and sounds
_____ Moving to a beat is easy for me
_____ I’ve always been interested in playing an instrument _____ The cadence (rhythm/speed) of poetry intrigues me
_____ I remember things by putting them in a rhyme
_____Concentration is difficult while listening to a radio or television _____I enjoy many kinds of music
_____Musicals are more interesting than dramatic plays
_____Remembering song lyrics is easy for me

|Section 3 |

_____ I keep my things neat and orderly
|Total number of 1’s |
|used in Section 3: |

_____ Step-by step directions are a big help
_____ Solving problems comes easily to me
_____ I get easily frustrated with disorganized people
_____ I can complete calculations quickly in my head
_____ Puzzles requiring reasoning are fun
_____I can’t begin an assignment until all my questions are answered _____Structure helps me be successful
_____I find working on a computer spreadsheet or database rewarding _____Things have to make sense to me or I am dissatisfied

|Section 4 |

_____ It is important to see my role in the “big picture” of things |Total number of 1’s |
|used in Section 4: |

_____ I enjoy discussing questions about life
_____ Religion is important to me
_____ I enjoy viewing art masterpieces
_____ Relaxation and meditation exercises are rewarding
_____ I like visiting breathtaking sites in nature
_____I enjoy reading ancient and modern philosophers
_____Learning new things is easier when I understand their value _____I wonder if there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe _____Studying history and ancient culture helps give me perspective

|Section 5 |

_____ I learn best interacting with others
|Total number of 1’s |
|used in Section 5: |

_____ “The more the merrier”
_____ Study groups are very productive for me
_____ I enjoy chat rooms
_____ Participating in politics is important
_____ Television and radio talk shows are enjoyable
_____I am a “team...
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