Intelligence and Team Members

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Team Building Worksheet

Complete the Team Building Worksheet by answering the following questions in 200 to 300 words each.

Describe team members’ results on the Discovery Wheel and Develop your multiple intelligences exercises. What similarities and differences exist within the team?

The Discovery Wheel is an exercise that students can use to rate their performance as students in twelve categories. The categories are: attitude, time, memory, reading, notes, tests, thinking, communication, diversity, money, health, and purpose. After ranking themselves in the said categories the students shade in the scores on the Discovery Wheel. The closer the shading is to the outsides of the circle the higher the student ranks his or herself in that specific area. Sherry, Trent, Rosario, and Karen completed the exercise. All four team members rated themselves higher in the area of diversity. Time was ranked lowest by three of the four team members. The test area also proved to be an area that could use some improvement for the four students. This exercise will be repeated at the end of the book in order for students to reevaluate themselves, and note areas of improvement.

The Multiple Intelligence Exercise deals with Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The students mark off characteristics that describe them individually. The chart consists of a list of characteristics for each of Gardner’s eight intelligences. It also gives a list of possible learning strategies, along with possible careers that would complement each area of intelligence. Sherry, Trent, and Karen completed this exercise. All three showed a primary lean toward Visual/ Spatial intelligence, but chose learning strategies from other areas of intelligence.

What are the advantages of having diversity on a team? What challenges might the team face because of diversity?

The advantages of having diversity on a team are many. The first one that comes to mind...
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