Intellect Is Not Enough

Topics: Learning, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: March 9, 2013
An intelligent student is a teacher’s pride. No other feelings can be compared to the joy it has, knowing that he’s been teaching learners who are fast in comprehending. A homogenous group leaning not all on the teachers’ teaching but are motivated in learning by their own sweaty effort. Their culture is precisely far more different than those of other students. The flow of their thoughts, the sarcasm of their speeches and the intangibility of their behaviors puzzled their mentor’s mind and even hurt their sentiment. Only few had endured the hostility of their disposition, the obscurity of their attitude. Competition to them is life. If one noticed that he became the least competent, there comes an assumption that he has been outdone by intellectual scarcity. No one wanted it. Neither do they let their selves be left behind by batch’s witty standard. They are all suffering. They are all sacrificing. And they are all studying; studying in covert just to cast away the dependency of one another. One is afraid to share his insights for if he does, he might be surpassed – an evident of self-centeredness. Every single move he’ll do is for his personal interest. A wicked purpose schemed to make his name float on the stream of commentaries monopolizing the faculty’s appreciation – to be the center of student’s conversation, to be the topmost excelled student among the group. He is grabbing all the opportunities to show his talents though some of those are of no longer necessities, chasing the path of his greed for superiority without even realizing he had stepped the rights of his fellow stud. Pledged unto them the benefits of his alliance but at the end, they will be left hanging.

If you were the teacher of this kind, would you be still at glee? Or would you feel sad because even your strategies of teaching haven’t escaped the fang of his criticism? The hardest course students rarely pass is the “attitude.” Yes, students of such kind might pass all of...
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