Intel in China Case Study

Topics: Management, Organization, Organizational structure Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: September 14, 2013
The Intel in China case presents a valid issue. But deep beneath the surface, this case has many other issues associated with the one presented. At the surface it is evident that Li is an emotional worker who puts his whole hearted effort into his job. This presents a challenge for any manager because of the emotional attachment that the employee presents. But the question is whether it is just Li that feels this way in the organization. Perhaps, this behavior stems from other organizational issues. From the onset of this case, it is evident that there is a form of organizational culture that is dwelling at Intel. While Tang understands this, he fails to maneuver his management skills to accommodate the change that he is bringing forth. One of the major problems presented is changing the organization culture. Li’s previous supervisor’s approach was focused on having massive goals on a grand scale. Tang’s approach to assign Qing Chen to be Li’s manager is risky. Having no previous managerial experience, Chen was now in charge of Intel’s account managers. What we do not know, is if Chen was qualified enough to become a supervisor for AM’s. Perhaps she is a classic example of bottom tier members of an organization who move up to the managerial tier. She may have the technical skill but she lacks managerial skill. If I were Tang, I would primarily make sure that the Li’s supervisor would have managerial experience. Chen seems unprepared and unable to handle the task of having Li cancel working on his project. While Tang, is making the big decisions when it comes to reassigning employees to various departments, this issue with Li should never have happened. If Tang would have assigned a more experienced manager then he would not need to deal with this issue with Li. As Tang, I would deal with Li in a stern manner. First, I would thank him for the work that he has completed on this project. Li must be reminded that Intel appreciates his research and his emotional...
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