Intel in China Analysis

Topics: China, United States, Work ethic Pages: 2 (903 words) Published: December 14, 2010
The newly appointed manager of marketing programs in China Charles Tang has just got out of an emotionally charged meeting with Yong Lui, an account manager in Tangs division. As of Tangs arrival to China many things within Intel changed. Tangs decision to stop a project that was started by Lui a while back made Lui unhappy and against the chose Tang made. The case study “Intel in China” has many more issues then that one but this is the main one. Another issue that occurred in this situation is the changes that the China offices incurred during the time when Tang moved to China from the United States to advance Intel’s presence in China. Also the issue that they have run into is the drastic change in reassigning working positions that have been established already to new areas of work. The main issue I want to discuss is the reason that Tang decided to stop Lui’s project given to him by his direct supervisor Qing Chan, due to the thinking that Lui lacks multitasking skills, and Tang supposedly determined this by just looking at his employee file. As Tang has been living in the United States for the past ten years he has defiantly got behind in the knowledge he has on Chinese work ethics and styles. As Tang said he got back into the Chinese culture and way of life from just wondering the streets and markets of China in one week. The way Tang approached this change was somewhat unprofessional. From reading the case I felt that Tang indirectly put down Lui in a way not intended. Lui feels passionate and knows he already invested a lot of time into research and development. He was assigned to write a manual and it turned into a whole book. Being in his shoes I would be just as angry a frustrated with the decision made by Tang. As Tang felt that Lui was going into to much detail in this assignment he concluded it would take Lui at least a whole year to accomplish this task if he was concentrating on it full time. As Lui has many other tasks and duties that are more...
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