Intel - Financial Position Analysis

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INTEL Corporation

Financial position analysis

Engels Evgeny
Narinyani Anton
Paus Yanis
Polikarkin Alexey
Ushakov Denis
Uskova Natalia
Valishev Timur

Group F31A
Business Overview5
Brief Historical Data5
Additional Product Offerings6
Products and Percentage of Revenue7
Other Products:7
Research and Development8
Sales structure8
Competitors and Market Shares10
Financial Analysis11
Financial Statements Analysis11
Sales and income11
Assets structure12
Liabilities & OE12
Net cash flows from business activities13
Comparison to main competitors14
Financial Ratios Analysis14
Liquidity ratios14
Profitability ratios15
Asset efficiency ratios16
Capital Structure of Intel Corporation17
Financial Analysis Conclusion22
Stock Price Analysis23
Stock's & Indexes23
Price Movement Analysis23
Close quotations and analysis33
Beta calculation35
Stock Analysis Conclusion36
General Conclusion38
Used materials:40
Business Overview
Intel is the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. Main business area is development of advanced integrated digital technology products, primarily integrated circuits, for industries such as computing and communications. Company also develop platforms, which defined as integrated suites of digital computing technologies that are designed and configured to work together to provide an optimized user computing solution compared to components that are used separately. Main goal of Intel Corporation is to be the preeminent provider of semiconductor chips and platforms for the worldwide digital economy.

Brief Historical Data
Intel Corporation was founded by Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore: two former engineers of Fairchild Semiconductor Company in July 18th, 1968. At the end of 1968 company has 12 employees and revenue of $2,672. 1971: Intel developed first microprocessor (Intel 4004) - first universal product that could be used in all kinds of consumer electronics. 1978: company has more than 10,000 employees and start international activity (branches were opened in Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel and Barbados). 1981: IBM has chosen Intel as main supplier of microprocessors for their products - Personal Computers. 1988: Intel entered flash memory business - new market area, where company becomes the standard developer. 1990s: Intel started development of own brand (before it was only component supplier): Intel Inside marketing company. Financial World magazine ranked Intel the third world valuable brand. 1993: World most popular processor developed (Pentium)

2000s: Intel entered all areas of consumer electronics, corporate PC market and communications. 2008: Intel corporation has 83900 employees (more than 50% situated in US), 300 facilities in 50 countries(factories and offices), over $38B annual revenues from customers from 120 countries, one of the Ten Most Valuable Brands in the world. Products

Intel designs and manufactures computing and communications components and platforms with improved overall performance and/or improved energy efficiency, offering products at various levels of integration.

A microprocessor-the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer system-processes system data and controls other devices in the system, acting as the "brains" of the computer. Chipsets
The chipset operates as the "nervous system" in a PC or other computing device, sending data between the microprocessor and input, display, and storage devices. Motherboards
Intel offers motherboard products designed for our desktop, workstation, and server platforms. A motherboard is the principal board within a system, and typically contains the CPU, chipset, memory, and other components. Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Intel offers platforms that incorporate various components and...
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