Topics: United States Army, Integrity, Soldier Pages: 2 (1042 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Integrity means being true to ourselves and being honest, upright, and decent in our dealings with others. Our conduct speaks for us, more than words ever could. It becomes the basis for both reputation and self-respect. Developing integrity requires internal honesty, because we can’t be honest with others unless we are honest with ourselves. People of integrity can be counted on to stand up for what it is right, even if it is means getting that person in trouble, and to do what is right even when there is no one around to see. Many times in my life I have had integrity problems. Integrity allows other people to trust us because they know that we value our commitments and seek to live by them. When you don’t show integrity in some cases, it can make that person not trust you and can hurt your relationship. Integrity, the antonym is dishonesty and the synonym is honor. Honesty is a principle through which a person can earn respect and honor. Respect and honor from others helps build lasting personal and business relationships, which leads to long term success. First we must define integrity which is doing the right thing consistently. That means that we must do the legally and morally correct thing every time. Just because something is hard or you just think you can’t do it does not mean that we can look the other way. “Doing the right thing is not a matter of deciding, do I help my fellow soldier and let him slide on an Army regulation or do I uphold the regulation.” It means doing both, they are both equally important. Sometimes helping a soldier means that you must enforce the regulations and in some cases that can mean discharging them from the Army at other times it means fighting for the soldier and getting them the help that they need to succeed in the Army. By keep doing the right thing and showing no favoritism we improve ourselves and the Army as a whole. Integrity improves everyone by making sure that everyone can expect equal treatment and not fear...
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