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Good Morning, my fellow classmates, and Honored Guests. As we join together for this important occasion, we are celebrating our achievements in academia. What is it that defines us as unique individuals? Is it our intelligence, sense of humor, compassion, or other characteristics? Perhaps it’s our integrity that defines us. Integrity simply means showing kindness, and compassion to others. Even horrific tragedies can help teach us about the meaning of integrity. For example, on December 14, 2012 at 9:35 A.M. things took a nightmarish turn for the worse in an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. Adam Lanza was mentally unstable with Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Integration Disorder. He had seven different firearms and used more than ten rounds of ammunition to slaughter twenty children and six teachers. One of the teachers, Ms. Victoria, sacrificed her own life protecting students at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She knew jumping in front of the gun to save her students was the right thing to do. It was a brave sacrifice. She will be remembered by her integrity and intrepid sacrifice. “Having integrity means to do what you know is right, regardless of the immediate cost of sacrifice…” (Samuel Golden, 1960). Ms. Victoria had the grandest integrity imaginable and, whereas, Adam Lanza had no integrity. Adam Lanza was a malefactor to the victims of Sandy Hook.

I can remember when I was much younger I had a Build-A-Bear, named Snicklefritz. He was given to me by a special friend. I really loved that bear. One day, my friend, Hayley was visiting, and she played with my bear all day. Actually, whenever she came over she played with my bear all day, every day. When it was time for her to go home, she cried and cried wanting to take the bear home with her. I hated that she was so sad, and at the same time I really loved that bear, but I knew I had to give Hayley the bear. It seemed like a big sacrifice at the time, but it was the right thing to do. My mother...

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