Integration Of Work Hours And GPA

Topics: Standard deviation, Null hypothesis, Normal distribution Pages: 4 (282 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Part 1: Integration of Work Hours and GPA
Research Question: Being involved in greek life involves a lot Hypothesis: Through using a random sample of Indiana University’s students collected by Dr. Wakhungu and by assuming a 95% confidence level, does working a job outside of school cause students to have a lower GPA than their non-working counterparts?

GPA: Mean
GPA: Median
GPA: Mode
Standard Deviation
Population Size
Lowest GPA
Highest GPA
Working GPA Mean= 3.184769
Non-Working GPA Mean= 3.479083
Working GPA Median = 3.2
Non-Working GPA Median =3.3
Working GPA Mode=3
Non-Working GPA Mode=3
Working GPA Standard Deviation= .316
Non-Working GPA Standard Deviation= .384
Working Population Size= 65
Non-Working Population Size= 120

1.) The Hypothesis and Claim
H0 :µ1 = µ2
H0 :µ1 > µ2 Claim

2.) The Critical Value

Tα is equal to 1.67 and remains positive because it is a right-skewed one-tailed test. 3.)The Calculations

4.)Make the Decision
There is enough evidence to reject the null evidence, because the t value lays in the critical region. 5.) Summarize the Results
There is enough evidence to support the claim because the null hypothesis was rejected. This goes to shoe that students with a job, ofter have worse GPA’s. Conclusion:
After testing our hypothesis with our research question, we were able to uncover that students who have a job while in school have lower GPAs than students without jobs. It goes to show that pulling students away from their academics can be too much of a distraction and lead to a decline in the earned GPA.
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