Integrating Windows 7 SP1 into a Windows 7 DVD

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Integrate Windows 7 SP1 into your Windows 7 DVD
by Grav!ty » Fri May 20, 2011 12:29 am

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Integrate/Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 into your Windows 7 DVD

Preparation Download the X86 or X64 version of RT Se7en Lite which you want to use, depending on your Windows 7 operating system. RT Se7en Lite X64 will for example only slipstream/integrate the X64 SP1 within Windows 7 X64 and the same applies to Windows 7 X86. You need to get RT Se7en Lite (Build 2.6.0) or higher as earlier versions do not have the slipstream function. Download Windows 7 SP1 for X86 or X64 as the case may be. On your Windows 7 hard drive, create three new folders and name them something like Win 7 RTM, Win 7 SP1 and Win 7 Extracted. You don't need the Win 7 Extracted folder if you're using a DVD Copy SP1 to the folder of that name. The Win 7 RTM folder will be used by RT Se7en Lite to copy the contents of your DVD to. I suggest you let the program copy the DVD as you may not be able to create a bootable DVD if you don't. Those using an ISO image for the integration, should copy the ISO image to the Win 7 RTM folder. Install RT Se7en Lite.

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Using RT Se7en Lite When the program first opens, select ISO or for a DVD select OS Path and then browse to your DVD drive. Your DVD needs to be in the drive already.

After the contents of your ISO image or DVD have been copied to the folder you indicated, select your operating system from the list provided and be sure to check "Slipstream Service Pack".

Select the Windows 7 SP1 you want to integrate and click Start. Now that just let the program run. Slipstreaming/integrating a Service Pack takes a bit longer than installing a Service're looking at up to an hours time depending on the CPU and RAM resources of your computer. I wouldn't suggest you attempt this with less than 2 GB of RAM unless you're real patient.

When integration is complete, click "Proceed". It will take a while for the program to create an image.

Select the Task page of the program and check "ISO Bootable" and then click on the ISO-Bootable page of the program.

Select "Create Image", insert the name you want for your DVD, then click "Make ISO". At this stage you will need to input a file name for your ISO image and the path you want it saved to. You also have the option to burn the ISO image to DVD using RT Se7en Lite. You will need to insert a blank DVD into your DVD drive and indicate the path to your DVD drive if you want to do that.

Final Thoughts I found the program to be very easy to use. It is still in Beta but the only issue for me was that memory usage was extremely high (which is understandable given the nature of the task). Windows as a result kept on reporting the program to be "Not Responding". Ignore any such message as the program keeps on working even when that message appears. Having tested the program on three versions of Windows 7 and having successfully installed them from DVD on my test system, I have no problem at all recommending RT Se7ven Lite for effectiveness and ease of use. Here's a pic of my iso images:


Re: Integrate Windows 7 SP1 into your Windows 7 DVD
by Grav!ty » Fri May 20, 2011 12:36 am

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