Integrating the Arts

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Integrating the arts: Renaissance and reformation in arts education. By: Dunn, Phillip C., Arts Education Policy Review, 10632913, Mar/Apr95, Vol. 96, Issue 4 Database:
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1. The Arts and General Education
2. The Interdisciplinary-Arts Approach
3. Integrating-the-Arts Model
4. A Proposal
5. Putting Theory into Practice
6. Integrating the Arts with the Rest of the Curriculum
7. Notes
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SYMPOSIUM; Interdisciplinary Arts Education
For most of the past decade, the entire educational system has come under close scrutiny. Partners in the educational process--parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, and even elected officials--have called repeatedly for a revitalized educational system that makes schooling more efficient, more holistic, more relevant, and less compartmentalized. As reforms have been implemented and assessed, educational leaders have begun to appear to be ready to entertain new and broader definitions of what constitutes intelligence and cognition and what contributes to their development in children. Many who are actively involved in educational reform movements have called for a reduction in their system's reliance on standardized tests, written examinations, and other traditional assessment strategies as the most viable way to measure such complex educational outcomes as knowledge and cognitive growth in an individual. When broader notions of what the human intellect comprises are considered,[1] the design of the curriculum, the practice of teaching, and the training and retraining of teachers and school administrators must also be examined.[2] Opportunities to increase the role the arts play in educating our youth then become apparent. If these opportunities are to be realized, we need new approaches and strategies.[3] Change becomes the order of the day. Educators have encapsulated their approaches by coining such catch phrases as "interdisciplinary curriculum," "infusing the arts," and "integrating the curriculum." The Arts and General Education

The general educational curriculum, as we know it, tends to be fragmented and compartmentalized, and, until now, attempts to develop significant linkages from one subject area to another have been rare. Therefore, schooling can be seen, at some levels, more as a series of discrete learning experiences than as a synthesis of related learnings from a wide variety of academic disciplines. The issues we face as educators and, more specifically, as art(s) educators, are more varied and perhaps more critical that any issues art(s) educators have had to face in our country's history. Increasing levels of cultural diversity, socioeconomic disparity, and gender issues place many of our students in the "at risk" (of dropping out) category in terms of public education. I often wonder how many of our students have dropped out mentally, even though they still attend school. There can be little doubt that many of the issues that currently face art(s) education also challenge the entire educational system. Interestingly enough, these issues often seem almost diametrically opposed to or mutually exclusive of each other, and, as yet, there seem to be no clear answers. The most pressing of these issues involves the increasing level of cultural diversity exhibited by U.S. students. This is followed closely by such related issues as designing curricula that are gender neutral; deciding whether a national curriculum is desirable, let alone achievable, and creating and implementing culturally unbiased assessment measures that provide an accurate measure of academic achievement. With each passing day, our nation becomes more culturally diverse, the verbal and visual languages spoken in our schools multiply, and the cultural values of our students become more...
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