Integrated Resort

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Integrated Resort
Resort is basically a place where people use for vacation, relaxation, or recreation. Since its purpose is to make people enjoying their time so most of the resort is built near scenery area, seaside, mountain, ski, or natural resources that has beautiful setting. Back in the days resorts used to only for people to get away from their hectic day and take a break to enjoy the nature or themselves. There were not many facilities that the resorts have to offer to their guests. Now days resorts has changed it concept becoming more attractive by combining recreational and business facilities so even a businessman can enjoy a resort now. By combining all those facilities in a resort we can call it as the Mixed Use Development. According to Grant Ian Thrall mixed use development is a any urban, suburban or village development, or even a single building, that blends a combination of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses As in a resort, mixed use development can be described on how they use the land or space that they have for all kinds of facilities inside, such as theme park, F&B outlets, shops, spas, sports, scenery, theatre, cruises, etc. Not to forget, these day we also been introduced of a new term which is called Integrated Resorts. Most of the resorts in the world have become an Integrated Resorts. The terms Integrated Resorts (IR) mean that there is a casino and meeting facilities (MICE) inside a resort. A casino alone is believed to bring a lot more revenue for the IR itself compare with any other facilities. The concept of an Integrated Resort is a mega complex of luxury hotel, branded shops, fancy restaurants, convention centre, gaming centre, spectacular shows, fun attractions all in one single destination. The plan of it would be a place where visitors can find anything they need in one single place, and even though it has a casino and it brings more on revenue but it is not the main part of the resort it is only a part of the facilities that the resort has beside any other facilities. Motivation of Having Integrated Resort in Singapore

In Singapore, there are two of Integrated Resort that is Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa. The first resort in Singapore is Resort World Sentosa and located on Singapore’s holiday island of Sentosa. The second resort is Marina Bay Sands. Singapore’s first motivation of having an Integrated Resort is to attract more visitors to their country, bring a lot more revenue in form of taxes for the economic benefits and also create more on job opportunities for the Singaporean as well (Garrett, 2004; Walker & Jackson, 2007). In order to compete with other country (as Singapore does not have much to offer), Singapore needed new attractions to create tourism stimulants (Lim, 2005) and casino – based resorts or the Integrated Resorts was one such product, which was also part of the overall strategy to promote business in Singapore (Lee, 2005). The Economy Motivation For Integrated Resorts in Singapore

Casino is believed to bring a lot of revenue to the host country, beside that it would also boost the tourism and increase job opportunities (Eadington, 1999). Impact on The Economy After Integrated Resorts in Singapore

It seems that Integrated Resort also attract a lot of business investments, a lot of foreign investors came to Singapore and start their business here. And Marina Bay Sands is hiring 4,500 people on the casino side alone; they are aiming to hire 10,000 more people to work on the other zones as well (Channel News Asia, 2009). On 2010 Marina Bay Sands casino has seen 500,000 visitors each month. On the average, the integrated resort expects to attract 70,000 visitors a day and 18 million visitors a year (The Star, 2010). By having so many visitors in only per...
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