Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated Marketing Communications.

Case study and Portfolio

How Boots UK ‘makes use of the Integrated Marketing Communications concept.’ This assignment will be based on integrated marketing communications and its use in one real life organisation that communicates with its customers on a range of different platforms. I will analyse several adverts on different channel platforms in order to conclude on whether or not they succeed in co-ordinating their marketing communications effectively to convey a clear and consistent message to their customers. What is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)?

“Integrated marketing communications is the concept under which a company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about the organisation and its products.” (Pickton and Broderick, pg 25) The IMC approach has been adopted by both large and small companies and has become more popular due to the fundamental reason that they understand the value of strategically integrating various communications functions in order to take advantage of synergy and develop more efficient and effective marketing communications with its customers. (Belch and Belch, pg 11) The move to integrated marketing reflects organisations adaptation to a changing environment in respects to consumers and also the changing technology and media platforms available. Using IMC allows firms to keep up with major changes in media use and also buying and shopping patterns amongst consumers. (Belch and Belch, pg 11) Building and properly managing brand equity has become a major important factor for firms and so it is increasingly important to integrate marketing communications to keep customers receiving a clear, concise and consistent message from the brand at all times in order to maintain a competitive advantage. (Belch and Belch, pg 12) Boots UK

The organisation chosen in this assignment is Boots. Boots is a well known international ‘pharmacy-led’ health and beauty group founded in 1849. Its most focused upon target market is the female UK population which make up 83% of their customer base. (, 2012a) Boots aims to

* be The place for all health and beauty customers
* ‘secure market leadership in the UK’
* ‘build on our brands' growing success internationally (, 2012a)
The main objective of Boots Integrated marketing communications campaign is to “deliver more invitations to feel good to give women more reasons to shop at Boots more frequently”. (, 2012a) With the majority of their customers being female. Boots have decided to aim most of their advertising and promotions to females. Over the past few weeks, materials have been collected to show the broad range of advertising channels that are used by boots. These include: * Radio

* Tv
* Magazines and newspapers
* Website adverts
* Social media presence
Each of these different platforms seems to be targeted at the same types of audiences. For example; most of their print ads are targeted at women; with most of the print media evidence that was collected advertising beauty products to women and also their television advertisements having the theme tune of “here come the girls” and featuring mostly female models and actors. At the bottom of each print promotion and at the end of their television adverts is the slogan inviting women to ‘Feel good’. Boots try as much as possible to integrate the messages being sent out in each of their different advertising platforms; this message or ‘brand image’ is of ‘feeling good’ and of good value (see note 1 in Appendix). The Newspaper adverts collected with this slogan are as follows: * Friday February 24th 2012: Metro Newspaper

* Thursday March 1st 2012: The Sun newspaper
* Thursday 8th March 2012: Metro Newspaper
* Friday February 24th 2012: Metro Newspaper
* Thursday March 1st:...

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