Integrated Information Management

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Integrated Information Management
Dawn Sturdevant
June 23, 2013
Angelique Spruill

Integrated Information Management
The four external considerations would be economic, sociological, political, and technological. The economic domain concentrates on the sources of funding, who contributes, referral sources, consumers and contributors. Your sociological domain is based on things like age, gender, demographics, ethnics, and socioeconomic status. Basically, it is people’s needs, opportunities, and problems. Economic is mostly trying to get the most out of referral sources, contributions, and any other source of funding which could even include its competitors. Technological is making sure that the competitors aren’t ahead of them and that they are on top of their game. Important internal components are organizational purpose, mission, and philosophy, along with Organizational planning, organizational operations, human resources, technological resources, and financial resources. Organizational purpose is to help people understand how the agency is heading towards the future. Planning is important for the management information system. It keeps everything in working order as to what does and doesn’t need to be done. Operations are for figuring out which data is needed for everything like programs and even departments. Human Resources is for keeping important data on staff members, demographics, certifications, training, licenses, and many other things that are important and must be kept track of. Technological is making sure that all of your software and computer systems are up to date and functioning at their best capacity. Financial is tracked so that the management knows where the funds come from and where they go. This helps with determining different aspects of human services so that money is hopefully there when needed.
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