Integrated Farming System in Gardenland

Topics: Agriculture, Cattle, Livestock Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: June 22, 2013
    Integration of various agricultural enterprises viz., * Cropping,
* Animal husbandry,
* Fishery,
* Forestry,
* Poultry,
* piggery etc.
have great potentialities in the agricultural economy.
These enterprises not only supplement the income of the farmers but also help in increasing the family labour employment. The farm wastes are better recycled for productive purposes COMPONENTS OF INTEGRATED FARMING SYSTEM:

* Crops, livestock, birds and trees are the major components of any IFS. * Crop may have subsystem like monocrop, mixed/intercrop, multi-tier crops of cereals, legumes (pulses), oilseeds, forage etc. * Livestock components may be milch cow, goat, sheep, poultry, bees. * Tree components may include timer, fuel, fodder and fruit trees. GARDENLAND:

* Land supplied with water mostly from underground water sources Garden land farming
* Growing of crops with supplemental irrigation water by lifting water from underground sources. Since crops are irrigated through lift irrigation, water is under control.

Under gardenland situation,
* Dairy and bio-gas were integrated in 1.00 hectare area. * The dairy unit comprised of 3 graded jersy cross breed milch animals with two calves. * For effective recycling of farm and animal waste, a bio-gas unit of 2 cubic metre capacity was installed. * Net income of Rs.20, 702 per hectare per year.

* A model integrated farming system to suit the small and marginal farmers of gardenland condition was studied. * Area: 1 ha
* Compared with conventional cropping system(CCS).
1| Cotton+greengram-maize+fodder cowpea-bellary onion | 0.56| 2| Wheat+sunflower-maize+fodder cowpea-summer cotton+greengram | 0.19| 3| Grass Bajra Napier(CO.I) | 0.15|
4| Lucerne | 0.05|
5| 150 trees of Leuceana | 0.05...
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