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Topics: Academic degree, Master's degree, Doctorate Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: December 10, 2010
Galimore 1
Tyrone Galimore
Professor Tania J Quinn
100 las Experience, Learning and Identity
January 4, 2011
Malcolm x, self-educated his self in prison, and gained self confidence in reading and writing. I see myself in the same position. My whole life I felt I was in prison in the labor work force. `I am attempting to self educate myself at the college of New Rochelle. In an attempt to get a degree, so I can improve my finical situation. I am my biggest mentor at this point in my life, and you (Professor Quinn) seem to have a great influence on my education. Your energy and your personal stories inspire me to believe in myself. Like the tutor in educating Rita; he believed in Rita’s ability that she could learn and change her life around.

My goal is to be a better writer and receive my under graduate Degree, and eventually getting my master degree in teaching, and one day becoming a teacher. The thing that held me back from achieving a College degree in the past was family. I was just like Rita’s husband who wanted a family, but in my situation I was thinking with the wrong head. I had a son, and had to support my family, so I got a second job to make more money, and dropout of school. “The allegory of the cave” According to those living inside the cave, their perception was their reality, and these people who stayed inside the cave could not see the light and were not open to new ideas, but those who left outside the cave had a greater understanding of the light’s reality and realized there was more to life. It would have been hard to return after finding this new knowledge.

Galimore 2
Malcolm X wrote to the minister Elijah Muhammad at least twenty-five times. He must have written that first one-page letter to him, over and over. Malcolm was trying to make it both legible and understandable. He practically couldn’t read his own handwriting; it shamed him to even remember this. Malcolm’s spelling and his grammar was as bad, if not...
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