Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Gambling Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: October 10, 2013
The Native American Indians received cruel treatment during the 1800’s -1900’s; Immigrants stole their land, resources and basically corrupted their community. Past events show us the tragedy of the natives and their hardships. However, in the last decades Native American Indian descendants have been known to succeed in the casino business. In his article “Jackpot” David Plotz reports the story of Paula Lorenzo, a woman that struggled to make a living to support her 4 children but with the help of her Rumsey tribe made a successful gaming casino business. There are both positive and negative aspects, Plotz mentions “So, when Indian gambling appeared on the scene, some in California saw it as an opportunity to bleach the industry to channel gambling’s windfall profits toward those more deserving of economic success” (27). The casino business is an opportunity for this community to achieve their dream and finally find a place in the financial industry and equality. An example of casino contributing positive to society is that it benefits the Native Indian community economically improving their living conditions and “But just as tribes like the Rumsey Band have overcome poverty, so have they beaten the power brokers at their own game”. (27). The profit of the casino business has also help The native Americans to support any political view, unlike the past that they were cheated by the laws and essentially force to be slaves. It is time to support this community and why not with the casino business? In addition, another positive outcome is it helps to establish daycares, educational institutes, and parks. Moreover, the Indian casinos have opposed obstacles from the government and society “…federal prosecutors began investigating whether to remove the machines. The tribes said they wanted to sign a compact, but then-governor Pete Wilson- who had no great love of gambling or Indians- refused to negotiate with tribes operating sluts.” (28). As we can see Native...
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