INTB 3400 Uber Report

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An HR Analysis.

Riley Sandwith
Zain Khoja
Sahar Barbour
Lily Nguyen
Brayden Cohen

INTB-3400 W01
Linda J. Alexander
Langara School of Management
March 12, 2015

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1
2.0 Introduction2
3.0 Employee Management2
3.1 Staffing2
3.2 Recruitment4
3.3 Selection6
4.0 Legal Compliance7
4.1 Common Regulatory Challenges8
4.2 Uber’s Approach to Expansion10
5.0 Compensation10
5.1 Surge Pricing13
6.0 Conclusion14
Appendix A17

1.0 Executive Summary

This report discuses and analyzes Uber’s human resource strategies, with an emphasis on employee management, legal issues, and compensation and wages. Uber is an American based privately held crowd-sourced taxi service. It operates in over 50 countries and more than 200 cities around the world. The firm employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide most of which are in the form of contract drivers. The company’s staffing process consists of three main phases, acquiring, deployment and retention. When recruiting new drivers, Uber has failed to properly screen people leading to convicted criminals ending up behind the wheel of their cars, which has put a damper on the company’s image. Uber must address this issue by properly screening applicants, allowing their customers to feel safe using their service. The company has experienced major growth worldwide through the use of its app, how it hires its drivers and its deceptive business model. Though it has successfully expanded around the globe, this hasn’t been without having dealing with regulatory issues and a general push back from local governments and taxi companies. Uber compensates its independent contractors or drivers solely on a per ride basis, which the company takes a cut from. This percentage cut depends on the type of vehicle that the driver operates. The company has had issues with trying to make both their drivers and customers happy when it comes to pricing, which it has tried to fix. In order for Uber to continue its growth around the world and provide the best possible service for its customers it must attempt to fix these problem areas.

2.0 Introduction
Uber is a privately held transportation company headquartered in San Francisco, California that provides a crowd-sourced taxi service. It operates in 55 countries and more than 200 cities around the world. The company itself acts as the bridge between the customer and the driver. Customers connect to the Uber App and send in a request for a car, which then gets relayed to the independent contractor or driver. Drivers are responsible for providing a car, gas, car maintenance, and toll fairs, and only receive compensation for their work. Uber makes its money by taking a percentage of each fair, which differs based on several factors.

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies, serving millions of people around the world and employing hundreds of thousands of others. It has managed to Every company, no matter how well they are doing has areas where they can improve. For Uber, this involves their hiring process, how they deal with legal issues, and how to properly price their service in attempt to make both drivers and customers happy. This report outlines these issues and provides appropriate solutions to address them.

3.0 Employee Management
3.1 Staffing
Uber’s original technique for staffing has been improved since the head of global operations Ryan Graves found the old approach of recruiting, interviewing and hiring to be ineffective. Applicants needed to have a good combination of skills to contribute to Uber’s intense and growing work environment. A three-pronged leadership team model was then applied in each city, which includes a General Manager, Community Manager, and Driver Operations Manager.

The first phase of staffing is acquiring. This involves what the organization...

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