Intake Process for Mental Health Clients

Topics: Health care, Mental health professional, Health Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Jan Williams needs for mental health services became more apparent, she could no longer overlook the need for services. She looked through the yellow pages of the phone book at the various providers and found a company by the name of St. Mary’s Home Care Agency, Inc. that provided an array of services, one to include Outpatient Mental Health services. She called the number and requested help for her special needs, because she was hearing voices and her mood swings were horrible. To start the process the secretary forwarded her call to the Intake Specialist, who in turn asked her some personal questions for the referral process. Some of the answers included her name, date of birth, address, telephone number and an emergency contact number. First, the Intake Specialist asked Jan to let her know what her major complaint was, which would let her know how to forward her case on the next professional. Jan explained to her that she was hearing voices and had terrible mood swings that she could not control at times. The Intake Specialist then stated that she would forward Jan’s referral to the Qualified Professional who would complete a screening, which would be the second step in obtaining Mental Health services. Her date for the screening process was scheduled for the next week. Upon arrival to St. Mary’s Home Care Agency, Inc. a nice lady addressed Jan and said, “Ms. Williams please follow me”. Next we entered into a private room and the Qualified Professional began to ask me a series of questions, which included my habits, education, substance abuse use, mental and physical health and family background. Jan answered all the questions to the best of her ability and the Qualified Professional completed the screening process. After the screening process she instructed Jan that the next step would be to forward the screening to the Psychiatrist on staff and set up an appointment for her to get a Diagnostic Assessment, which is an assessment that tells persons...
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