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INT 610: Group Project Guidelines and Grading Guide

The final project for this course is a written International Investment Report and a Summary Presentation. Your company wants you and your colleagues to research a possible investment in a foreign country. Your team will be given an industry and a country. You will need to pick a company in the industry. This can be an existing real company (Eg. Starbucks) or a fictitious company made up by your team.

You must evaluate the industry and country of investment to determine if the current circumstances in the specified country can support a business of your type. Country evaluation should focus on economic, financial and political risk of the country. Industry structure analysis would look at the regulatory structure as well as the competition in the target country. Issues such as privatization, identification of major competitors and overall strategy for entering the country should be discussed. Depending on industry, your branch could be only for local market, to produce products for export (US market), or both. You must define the scenario.

The final recommendation would be whether or not to enter the specific country in the designated sector and what should be your entry strategy. The goal of the project is to analyze the prospects for expanding your company into the foreign country.

The project consists of two parts, an international investment report and a summary presentation. A draft of the summary report is due in Module Five to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. The final draft of the investment report and summary presentation are submitted in Module Ten.

Main Elements
To gain the full support of management, your report should include, as a minimum, the following content: 1. Introduction:
Describe the basics of the proposal. Identify:
Country basics
Company basics
Purpose of expansion and project specifications
2. Country Evaluation:
Describe the...
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