Insurance and Load Factor

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P4-- Plan and cost a package holiday for inclusion in a tour operator’s programme

Destination: I have chosen Deia in Majorca as my destination. Transport: I have chosen Easyjet as my flights, due to its cheap and flexible for my customer as well. She will take off on the 10.09.2013 at 19:50 and will land at 23:10, so she will have plenty of time for relax and get ready for the next day. On the way back she will take off on the 17.09.2013 at 09:35 and will land at 11:05. Load Factor: Within this package is important that I hit the load factor, which means that I have to have 200 passengers from 250 to hit the 80% of load factor. If this will not happen, then I will have to put late discounts, so I will attract more customers. Transfer: She would like to hire a car for the whole week from the airport. For the car hire I have chosen the Avis Company; this is because they offering good discounts and they work at flexible times.

As an accommodation I have chosen the Hotel Es Moli, located on the Tramuntana Mountain, Deia. The hotel offers tennis court, heated- spring water swimming pool, and a swimming cove with crystal clear water. From the room, she will get an amazing view of the Mediterranean and the picturesque village of Deia. In the price is included breakfast as well. Excursions & Activities:

Island Tour is a full day excursion, where you go for sightseeing the Majorca’s culture. The cost is 58.00€, which is approximately £49.00. Excursion Son Amar is an evening excursion with range of evening activities. The cost is 55.00€ which is approximately £46.50; dinner & drinks included.

Insurance will cover loss baggage, medical screening and expenses, personal accident, legal expenses, cancellation, holiday abandonment.

1. Mark Up:
Transport = £146.98 * 20% = £29.40
Transfer = £161.52 * 20% = £32.30...
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