Insulin Resistance

Topics: Glucose tolerance test, Diabetes mellitus, Insulin Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Insulin Resistance
“Insulin resistance is a silent epidemic that increases the chance diabetes and heart disease” according to the insulin resistance and pre-diabetes article; the causes and treatments are confusing and not always effective. According to Gerald Reaven, M.D., Sixty to Seventy-five million Americans have insulin resistance; however, they do not know it. The endocrinology system is still a mystery to most average Americans today. They are not well-informed between the differences of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. Many, even some in the medical field, would be surprised to find out that insulin resistance was recognized as an illness since 1936. It is time for Americans to realize this very real and serious threat to their health. Insulin is essential for homeostasis. When a person consumes any food substance, the body immediately starts to break it down into glucose, which the body uses for energy. However, to convert glucose into energy, the body needs insulin, that is produced by the pancreas, which is part of endocrine system. The problem is some people do not produce enough insulin and others produce too much. Which leads to the question: How are insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and diabetes different and yet still part of one another? The main differences and similarities between these three involve insulin and glucose. An insulin resistant person will produce too much insulin because fat, muscle, and liver cells are not processing correctly the insulin cells, and their glucose levels, for the moment, will be within normal range. Two tests are also used for determining if a person has insulin resistance. The euglycemic clamp and a fasting insulin test. A pre-diabetic person will have a higher glucose level but still within the normal range. Two tests are also used to determine if a person is pre- diabetic. A fasting glucose tests blood sugar after being NPO (Nothing to eat or drink after midnight) and a...
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