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Insulin Plant (Costus Ingneus) Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs
Insulin Plant (Costus Ingneus) Ayurvedic Medicinal HerbsInsulin plant (Costus ingneus) is a relatively new entrant to Kerala and India. The plant is a late entrant to Kerala Ayurvedic medicinal herb scene mostly from USA. Insulin plant has not got a Malayalam name yet, except the occasional use of insulin chedy or insulin chedi, where chedy means a plant. The catchphrase of this plant is ‘a leaf a day keeps diabetes away’.

The plant is characterized by large fleshy looking leaves. It grows very quickly. Propagation is by stem cutting. It grows in slightly shady areas.

Diabetes Patients are advised to chew down a leaf in the morning and one in the evening for a month. Allopathic doctors too recommend it and it is found to be effective in bringing blood sugar levels under completely under control. There is also dried and ground powder of the leaves now available in the market.

Insulin in Plants

Diabetes is a serious health condition as it can lead to several health complications. Due to the condition one can suffer from cardiovascular diseases, chronic renal failure as well as retinal damage which can cause blindness. The pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin to convert sugar into energy. This metabolic disorder has no cure. Patients suffering from it have to manage their blood sugar levels.

Importance of Insulin
To treat diabetes one has to either take medicines orally or take insulin injections. Insulin is very essential for a diabetic especially those suffering from Diabetes type 1. As of now insulin is injected into a patient.

Plant Insulin
Researchers from University of Central Florida, with Professor Henry Daniell being the lead, have engineered genetically tobacco plants with insulin gene. Then they administered the frozen dried plant cells to mice that were five-week old diabetic in the form of powder for about a period of 8 weeks. This experiment resulted...
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