Instrumental and end values

Topics: Morality, Value theory, Intrinsic value Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Instrumental and End Values
Assignment 2
Values are one’s judgment of what is important in life. One way of considering values is in terms of instrumental and end values. Instrumental values are beliefs about the type of behavior appropriate for reaching certain goals. End values or sometimes called terminal values, are beliefs about the kind of goals or outcomes that are worth trying to pursue. This paper will evidently describe the primary concepts of each value while examining my personal list and rankings of five instrumental and end values most important to me.

End vales can be categorized by two different aspects, personal and social. My end vales consist of equality, an exciting life, self-respect, a sense of accomplishment, and wisdom. The end values most important to me lean towards a more personal aspect, even though equality is considered a social end value according to Rokeach. Making necessary life decisions consider these five end values. Equality is definitely one of most important values in my life. Equality among friends and family has always been one of the major values in my life. An exciting life is necessary for one’s happiness and happiness leads to a positive aura surrounding an individual. Self-respect, a sense of accomplishment and wisdom are three aspects that are tied together. An individual needs to have self-respect and a sense of accomplishment to acquire wisdom.

Instrumental values, according to Rokeach, fall in two categories as well; morality and competence. The means people use to achieve their goals might violate moral values like honesty, or violate one’s personal sense of competence and capability like become illogical. My five instrumental values include ambition, cleanliness, forgiveness, responsibility, and self- control. The instrumental values most important to me focuses more on competence than morality. These instrumental goals are key aspects that focus on pursuing one’s life goals. Honesty is...
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