Instructions for Setting up a Fundraising Booth

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Instructions for Setting up a Fundraising Booth
Fundraising booth are essential in fundraising, and they can be set up almost anywhere. Fundraising booths can be set up themselves in high traffic areas it doesn’t matter if the event is large or small. Therefore we would like for you to set up this booth in a high traffic area of the SGK Race for the Cure event. Please call this toll free number 1-800-555-6666 and on your designated map give them your selected booth rental space along with your corporations account number. BEFORE THE EVENT

1. Sign up early. Figure out what booths are already taken and strategize from their where there will be high traffic get near a concession booth where people can see your booth while there in line. 2. Keep track of all your expenses associated with the event. Keep all your receipts in an envelope including booth rental, travel, hotel, giveaways, food, fees, etc. 3. Make reservations. In case there is traveling always plan in advance. Large events bring in a large crowd and therefore facilities get booked rather quickly. So make sure you book your rooms as soon as you’re certain you’re attending. 4. Gather your supplies. Your supplies will be displays, signs, SGK clothes (hat, t-shirts, jackets), brochures (Sally Beauty and SGK), pink bracelets freebies, canopy, tables, chairs, paper weights, tie downs, basic tools, food and water. 5. Prep your team. Let them know who their audience will be, let them know what they are offering to the public. They are going to be speaking as company experts and therefore they would sound more professional if they are informed. 6. Dress for success. Wear your uniforms at least wear you Sally Gear and nice pants. DURING THE EVENT

1. Show up early. Give yourself plenty of time to set up your booth. Make sure displays are properly placed, brochures and papers are all properly displayed, and get ready to communicate your message. 2. Look at your booth from a distance. Makes sure your signs...
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