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Excel Template Instructions
for the Glo-Brite Payroll
Project (Using Excel 2010)
The Excel template for the Payroll Project is an electronic version of the books of account and payroll records. This is not an automated payroll system, but an example of how you might use a spreadsheet program to keep payroll records and account for payroll transactions.

You will need to follow the instructions in the textbook to complete the project. The instructions provided below will enable you to use the Excel template in place of the journal, general ledger, payroll register, and employee’s earnings records. Other forms, such as tax forms, are required for the Payroll Project. You will use those provided in the book.

Excel files are called workbooks. A single workbook can store many worksheets, which are stored like pages in a notebook. The workbook for this project has four worksheets: the journal, the general ledger, the payroll register, and employee’s earnings records. Each worksheet is made up of rows and columns. Rows are numbered from 1 to 65,536, and columns are labeled with letters. Column 1 is A, Column 26 is Z, Column 27 is AA, and so on. The intersection of a row and column is called a cell. Cells have addresses based on the row and column in which they appear. Each cell can hold a number, text, a mathematical formula, or nothing at all. If you need to correct the data in a cell, simply enter the data as if the cell were empty.

The Excel Screen
This workbook has the look of a typical Excel screen. The first blue bar should say Microsoft Excel. The bar below that is the menu bar and is a typical Microsoft Windows menu bar. The next bar is the standard toolbar (now called ribbons), which is very similar to that of Microsoft Word. (You can move the arrow to a particular icon, and the command to be issued will appear.) Below that is the formatting toolbar, which won’t be used much in this project. The next bar has the name-box on the left, displaying the address of the active cell. One of the cells in a worksheet is always the active cell. (The active cell is the one with a thicker border.) Its contents appear in the formula bar, which is to the right of the name-box, in the area next to the fx (or the equals sign in older versions of Excel). Some of the cells in this workbook are locked or protected so that you cannot enter data. Others have their contents hidden. This was done intentionally when this template was created. B-1

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APPENDIX B • Excel Template Instructions for the Glo-Brite Payroll Project

Payroll Accounting 2013

You can navigate through a worksheet by using the arrow keys or Page Up and Page Down keys. This will change the active cell. Or you can use the scroll bars to the right and bottom of the screen and then click on the cell you want to activate. You can also move to another cell by typing its address in the name-box. In this template, some cells have been named to make navigation easier. There is a drop-down list with cell names from which to choose.

You can switch from one worksheet to another within the same workbook by clicking on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen. For this project, there will be tabs labeled for the Journal, General Ledger, Payroll Register, and Employee’s Earnings Records.

Excel Help and How-to
Excel Help and How-to is an interactive help tool, which can respond to natural language questions. To make the office assistant visible, click on the question mark icon in the standard toolbar.

Copy and Paste
Much of the work you do in this Payroll Project involves posting information from one place to another. You can accomplish this in Excel by using the Copy and Paste commands. (For this project, it is important that you use the Paste Special command, or else the format of the cell to hold the data...
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