Institutional Racism

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Having explored my target and agent identities has helped me identify certain types of institutional racism that my family and I go through. In this paper I will go into depth on one specific institutional form that I feel has impacted my family and me in the long run. I will also link that form to two other forms of institutional racism and explain how each one of them potentiate one another increasing their ability to exclude or deny. Last but not least I will reflect my thoughts and emotions towards these issues for both my family and I. Incorporating the collage sharing that I had with two of my classmates and their feelings and emotions as well. In the book, “Racism in the United States, Implications for the Helping Profession” written by; Joshua Miller and Ann Marie Garran. The authors talk about this web of institutional racism in chapter 04 (pg. 61), they focus on nine types of institutional racism Residential, Educational, Employment, Accumulation of wealth and upward mobility , Environmental and Health, Criminal Justice, Political ,and Media. The author’s purpose is to emphasis how racism remains institutionally embedded in the U.S society and focus on what remains as oppose to what has been accomplished. When I put thought into which forms of institutional racism affects my family and I the first three forms that catch my attention right away are, Residential, Educational and Employment. Having being born and raised in the city of Watts .CA and living in public housing were to me the best years of my life as a child. Yes there were several shootings and drug abuse and many other crimes being presented but as a child you learn how to appreciate the roof over your head. Now as an adult I question this residential racism that my family and I had to go through and are still going through. As a child I never really paid attention to the type of people that were living in my community until now I have realized that blacks and...
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