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13. During a Windows 7 installation you should connect to client/server network and join a homegroup. 14. the name of the domain controller database used by Windows Server 2011 is Active Directory. 15. If a PC is infected with a virus its not a good idea to perform an upgrade installation of Windows rather than a clean install because The advantage of a clean install is that problems with the old OS are not carried forward and you get a fresh start. 16. After setting up a dual boot installation with Windows 7 and Vista you boot up by the boot loader menu 17. What dialog box can you use to change the computer name

1. first, hold windows + r then type "regedit" locate service provider
3. double click now the right click new then key
18. the Windows 7 setup disc is a DVD and Vista setup disc and a CD XP setup disc? 19. After a Windows installation, the easiest way to determine that you have Internet access is to open Internet Explorer 20. You have normally 30 days to activate the OS

21. In Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center is used to solve connectivity problems on the network 22. In Windows 7 the tool can you use to migrate user data and settings from a Windows Vista installation on one computer to the new Windows 7 installation on a different computer is Windows Easy Transfer. 23. The primary Windows tool for managing hardware devices is Device Maneger 24. Programs and Feautures in windows is used to uninstall an application in Windows 7 25. You are not required to enter the product key during the Windows 7 installation 26. Using an unattended installation of Windows, the name of the file that holds the responses a technician would normally give during the installaion is answer file 27. Two commands used by the User State Migration tool are scanstate and loadstate 28. the User State Migration tool, must have a computer join the network . 29. the PXE programming code stored that is used to boot a computer when it is searching for an OS on the...
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