Installing/Upgrading an Operating System

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Installing/Upgrading an Operating System

Installing/upgrading an operating system or OS, is a rather simple procedure; however, any mistakes can have a profound effect on the computer’s ability to operate. Typically, most users do not have to deal with their computer’s OS as pre-built computers will have the OS already installed and rarely find the need or opportunity to upgrade it. There are a few circumstances that require a fresh install or upgrade for the OS such as installing newer computer components that the old OS can’t support or the OS is corrupted and it can’t be repaired. While most OS can function on minimal settings, it is a good practice to double-check the requirements and compare them to the computer. While comparing, consider possible upgrades as now would be a good time as any to check the computer components for upgrades, if needed.

Take the following example computer and Microsoft Windows Vista OS computer requirements:

Example CHS Computer:
• Optiplex 755 Minitower
• Intel 0GM819 GM819 Motherboard
• Intel Celeron Processor 430 1.80 GHz
• ProMOS 2x 512MB DRR
• Western Digital WD800JD 80GB
• ATI Radeon GPU w/ at least 512MB

Microsoft Windows Vista OS Requirements:
• 1GHz 32-bit/64-bit CPU
• 1GHz of system memory
• 40GB HDD w/ at least 15GB free
• DirectX 9 and 128MB of graphics memory
• Audio Output
• Internet Access

As we see, the example computer can fully support the Vista upgrade as it fits within the requirements for the OS without needing to upgrade any computer components. The next step is deciding whether to simply upgrade the OS or do a fresh clean install. While fresh installs are recommended regardless of the need; some users with...
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