Installing and Operating a Sand-Making Machine

Topics: Electric current, Electricity, Crusher Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: January 4, 2012
Hongxing impact crushers are the heavy type equipment, and also called sand making machines. The installation and operation both have fixed ruels and instructions. Generally speaking, if you install and use the sand making euqipment according to the following instructions, the equipment using life, product quality and personal safety can be guaranteed. OK, let's list the attentions when installing and operating a sand making machine.

A. When installation, adjust the horizontal position. The machine must have the basic conditions:

1) feeding materials sequent .

2) large pieces of materials can return back to the machine.

3) there is the lifting equipment upon the machine and it can lift the machine conveniently.

4) there is enough space to check up on one side of crusher.

B. Common ruels when operating the sand maker.

1. Preparation works before start-up Sand making machine has a trial run for 4 hours in factory and all parts are in order. However, you must check up the machine again before start-up.

1) Check up turntable is balanceable or not, that is, wearing parts is installed in a whole set or not .

2) The position of triangle belt is suitable or not, that is, strain is suitable or not.

3) All parts are connected steadily or not, and screws are fastened or not 1-4 Check up if there is a tool or sundries in the machine. Close the inspection door and plug into safety bolt. Don't open inspection door when operation. 1-5 Check up the running direction of engine and turntable is correct or not: anticlockwise rotation from the feeding port 1-6 Check up lubrication is enough or not.

2. Start-up without load

1) Ammeter is working or not .

2) The control system: Y/' reducing the pressure start-up; Y/' time transfer relay should be adjusted as 50S or so.

3) Start-up of double electrical machine: Stand-alone start-up and Two engine start-up. You can choose the start-up according to the power of electric network.

3. Start-up...
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