Topics: Human, Neolithic, Agriculture Pages: 4 (878 words) Published: October 21, 2013
2.5 mil years=human exisitence
Human drawbacks—Aggressive, babies are dependent, aware of death, back problems from upright stature Human benefits—Regular sex drive, manipulate objects with opposable thumb, facial expressions, speech, distinctive brain, omnivores help us live in multiple climates and settings Paleolithic Age—old stone age, simple tool use of rocks and sticks, fire tamed 14,000 years ago, emphasis on more erect stature and growth in size of brain=homos erectus, developed and spread to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Population is 1.5 million All human races are descendants of homo sapiens sapiens

Why hunting gathering groups were small: people hunting for food and gathering nuts and berries cannot support large numbers of people, they had to roam wildly for food, and two people required 1 square mile. Speech developed in homo erectus about 100,000 years ago

Why rituals? To lesson the fear of death
Who played a prominent role in religious panthen? Goddess
Know culture definition
2 discoveries that facilitated the spread of Paleolithic groups throughout the world? Fire and use of animal skin for clothing bc of colder climates 5 differences that separate Mesolithic from Palothic peoples 1. Sharpen and shape stone to make better weapons

2. Log rafts and dugouts to improve fishing
3. Pots and baskets for food storage
4. Domesticating animals improved food supply
5. Population excellerated which resulted in wars
List 2 differences of Neolithic from Mesolithic ppl
1. Better tool use
2. More elaborate social organization
3. More population pressure
4. Invention of agriculture
5. Cities
6. Forshadowing of civilization
Invention of agriculture that most clearly moved the human species towards more elaborate social and cultural patterns Where did the Neolithic Revolution first occur? Middle east Why is the Neolithic revolution misleading? 2 reasons

1. Agriculture was no sudden transformation
2. Ppl didn’t change at once, they...
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