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“Mamo, nie chce isc do szkoly, ja sie boje!” That is the first thing I told my mom in Polish before walking into my classroom on my first day of school. I was terrified, and I told my mom that morning that I was scared and I didn’t want to go to school. Growing up in America and having English being my second language was extremely difficult for me as a child. I remember crying everyday before school because I dreaded the embarrassment of not knowing English and the humiliation put on me by my peers. First grade was the hardest year for me throughout my academic life. I knew a few things to say in English; basic words and phrases but not enough to carry on a conversation with someone. My teacher decided that I needed one on one help with another teacher. She told me I would be in classroom with the other children for a few subjects and the rest of the day I would spend alone with another teacher. At first I hated the idea, I wanted to be in the classroom with all the other kids. I wanted to fit in and start making friends.

All throughout elementary school, I took one on one English with Mrs. Lynch. She was a tough devoted teacher with a heart of gold. She was a petite older lady with short grey hair. What I remember most about her was her colorful holiday sweaters. They would always distract me from my work because they were so colorful and outrageous. Mrs. Lynch pushed me to succeed everyday. I remember constantly getting frustrated when I couldn’t pronounce or spell a word correctly. Mrs. Lynch would make me repeat or rewrite the word until I got it right. She would always say, “Kamila, good job but let’s try it again and see if you could do it better this time.” I would always get so angry with her; I thought she was a mean old lady that wanted to make my life miserable. But in reality all she wanted was for me to succeed. She made sure that everything was flawless before we moved on to the next lesson.

My class with Mrs. Lynch consisted of reading,...
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