Topics: Consciousness, Third World, Starvation Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: March 11, 2013
It is my dream to make a change in the cruel world i live in. As technology advances, so does the world. However, as modernized as the world may seem, there are still millions of people who are suffering because of the greed that has plagued society, and they still haven’t found a breakthrough. Sad isn’t it?

Every privileged individual who walks the face on the Earth is aware of all the war and unjust activities that occur on a daily basis worldwide. Many people allow the media to brainwash them by criticizing the countries where crime is at an all time high. If you happen to fall in the above category, the following is directed to you.

Why concentrate on the crime and not the hunger situation? In fact, hunger is the main cause of crime in a few countries. Ever wondered why the Somali pirates engage in such gang related activities? Are you aware of the number of slums that still exists in a developed country such as India? Some of these problems all lead to the hunger crisis that nearly half the world is facing but is it getting any exposure? Definitely not enough. Do you know how many young girls are forced to be prostitutes and are you conscious of the dominance of human trafficking in many countries? Does it even cross your mind that there are children who are dying because of the lack of medical care also, due to hunger? Next time you think of throwing away some food, think of those children.Why is the Libyan population so involved in several riots? And are you aware the the Nazi Movement is still in existence?

All those questions and do you know the answers? All of the problems mentioned are stemmed mostly from our famous world leaders. Aren’t they supposed to be the ones who ‘fight’ for the betterment of our lives or is that just their initial goal until they fall into the lust of power and then they become the enemy. It is true that there are many organizations which are funded to aid the citizens of third world countries in sustaining...
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