Inspector Calls English Course Work by Michael.

Topics: An Inspector Calls, RMS Titanic, Irony Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: October 21, 2008
How does J.B Priestly use the inspector as a dramatic device in his play?

J.B Priestly book “An Inspector Calls” is set in 1912. During the time the book was set in a lot of riots and people weren’t getting paid as much as they needed. It is a play that grips the reader from the start. It’s a play that was turned into a book and it is about an inspector who visit’s the Birlings to investigate a murder or possible suicide from drinking disinfectant.

At the beginning of Act 1 play in act one the mood is pleasant because the Birlings are having a Celebration. They are all having a good time drinking port and chatting the writer show dramatic irony when Mr Birling the titanic she sails next week forty” “ and unsinkable absolutely unsinkable”, but then the mood changes when they hear the doorbell ring they all look at the door wondering who it could be? There a small pause as the door opens the door inspector walks in the room. This makes the mood of the scene very tense at this point. Then when the door is opens it reveals a man with a long leather coat and also wearing a hat you can barely see his face. Then one of the Birlings asks who are you? The man replies I am an inspector who seems strange from the beginning he announces that Eve Smith has committed suicide.

In act 2 the Inspector gains gets more confidents because he breaks down each person into thinks that he know something so they begin to tell him what they know about eve smith or by her other name Daisy Renton. Thee inspector acts like he knew all of this before; and he doesn’t seemed shocked about the information from Gerald or Mrs.Birling

in Act Three the inspector tells the birlings that each of you helped to kill her. Remember that. Never forget it”; this makes the scene very tense the name Inspector Goole is very strange the word Goole normally means a ghost or monster it makes the inspector seem strange also it doesn’t help that help that he looks hard into the person he...
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