Insomnia and San Francisco

Topics: Insomnia, Hypnotic, Sleep Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Insomnia is difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep or a disturbance in sleep that makes sleeps seem inadequate or unrefreshing (Princeton, Michael H & Donna L, 1991). One definition of insomnia is "difficulties initiating or maintaining sleep, or non-restorative sleep, associated with impairments of daytime functioning or marked distress for more than 1 month (Charles M, 2000). In general, people with insomnia sleep less or sleep poorly despite having an adequate chance to sleep. The poor sleep may lead to trouble functioning during the daytime. Insomnia is not defined by the number of hours slept because "sufficient sleep" can vary from one person to another. While almost everyone has an occasional night of poor sleep, approximately 10 percent of adults have long-term or chronic insomnia (Princeton, Michael H & Donna L, 1991). One organization (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 2007) states approximately 64 million Americans regularly suffer from insomnia each year. Insomnia is 41% more common in women than man. As there are many people suffering from insomnia, we need to find out its symptoms, its causes and way to overcome it. Symptoms of insomnia can be different for each individual and people with insomnia might experience a variety of symptoms. People who have insomnia do not start the day refreshed from a good night’s sleep. They may having trouble falling sleep which leads to lack of sleeping and commonly lie in bed tossing and turning for hours. So that must avoid long afternoon naps. According to Health care specialist, (San Francisco, 2007), people who are suffer from insomnia also waking up too early in the morning. So they have trouble falling back to sleep or drifts into a restless unsatisfying sleep. Besides that, they feel tired when upon waking up. They feel grouchy, sleepy or anxious throughout the day (San Francisco, 2007). You may wake up feeling tired or not well-rested, and you may feel tired during the...
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