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My Research paper is all about INSOMNIA, in this research paper it talks about what is insomnia, what are the causes of insomnia, symptoms the treatments and preventions of it.

I. Introduction
General Consideration
Insomnia is a symptoms, not a stand-alone diagnosis or disease. It is an abnormal wakefulness or inability to fall asleep throughout the night. Insomnia can be related to a medical or psychiatric illness, can be caused by mental stress or excitement or can be caused by your daytome and bedtime habits. It causes may be divided into situational factors, medical or emotional problems are probably the principal cause of insomnia. Insomnia can be prevented and treated in many ways. To prevent it, the patient is urged to try to avoid focusing his/her thoughts on the problem of insomnia and to learn and practice relaxation techniques. The main focus or treatment for insomnia should be directed toward finding the cause. There are many treatment to help you sleep better. Importance of the Problem

This study is important because of the following reasons:
1. Studying insomnia can help people to learn the real meaning of it and to know the different causes of insomnia 2. Many people suffered from insomnia, it can help them how to prevent it. 3. It can help people who have insomnia. It is important to know the different kinds of treatment of insomnia.

Statement of the Problem
This paper is a study of Insomnia , a kind of symptoms that can be related to a medical or psychiatric illness or a abnormal wakefulness of a person. It outlines the different kind of causes,symptoms and it can help people who have insomnia,how to prevent it and treated it. Specifically it aims to discuss the following points:

1. What is Insomnia?
2. What are the causes of insomnia?
3. How insomnia can be treated?
4. How to prevent insomnia?
5. What are the symptoms of insomnia?
Objectives of the Problem
1. To explain the definition of Insomnia.
2. To know the different causes of Insomnia.
3. To find the symptoms of Insomnia.
4. To help people how to prevent it.
5. To know how to treat it.
Definition of terms
Biofeedback — A training technique that enables an individual to gain some element of control over involuntary body functions. Mood disorder — A group of mental disorders involving a disturbance of mood, along with either a full or partial excesseively happy (manic) or extremely sad (depressive) syndrome not caused by any other physical or mental disorder. Mood refers to a prolonged emotion. Sleep apnea — A condition in which a person stops breathing while asleep. These periods can last up to a minute or more, and can occur many times each hour. In order to start breathing again, the person must become semi-awake. The episodes are not remembered, but the following day the client feels tired and sleepy. If severe, sleep apnea can cause other medical problems. Sleep disorder — Any condition that interferes with sleep. At least 84 have been identified, according to the American Sleep Disorders Association.


Insomnia is an abnormal wakefulness; an inability to fall asleep easily or to remain asleep throughout the night. The frequency of persistent is high. It is a symptoms, not a stand-alone diagnosis or disease. By definition, insomnia is difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both and it may due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. Insomnia is not defined by a specific number of hours of sleep that one gets, since individuals vary wide in their sleep needs practices. Insomnia is a poor quality sleep or inability to sleep. Insomnia may cause problems during the day, such as tiredness, a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. Almost everyone experiences some level insomnia. Insomnia can be as simply as not being able to sleep because excitement of the day ahead or a change in sleep patterns. Insomnia is difficulty getting...
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