Insights About Learning Theory

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Behaviorism affects our life, which if someone has a number of faulty behaviours it could ensure it is difficult to progress toward professional growth. Making use of your self-insight you can think on how you see yourself and work to help to make necessary changes to reform your behaviors and thinking. This will transfer you closer to professional development. When you make a change, it helps one to make the adjustments you need to improve your skills. This is just what professional development is all about, self-improvement. In order to get on the technique to success, you have to take action as well as work hard each day until you attain your goal. Keep in mind however, that will professional growth is a life time adventure so you must stay on track.

Cognitivism focuses on the inner mental activities – opening the “black box” of the human mind is valuable and necessary for understanding how people learn. Mental processes such as thinking, memory, knowing, and problem-solving need to be explored. Knowledge can be seen as schema or symbolic mental constructions. Learning is defined as change in a learner’s schemata.

*Cognitivism is focused on what the human mind can really do. Mental processes need to be explored in order to be used more and more, and be able to control what you want to learn and what not to learn. Knowledge can be gained while you are exploring one by one the mental processes. Humanism

Humanism is a psychological approach that emphasizes the study of the whole person. Humanistic psychologists look at human behavior not only through the eyes of the observer, but through the eyes of the person doing the behaving. Humanistic, humanism and humanist are terms in psychology relating to an approach which studies the whole person, and the uniqueness of each individual.  Essentially, these terms refer the same approach in psychology.

*Humanism refers to learning through the unique abilities an individual has. It is...
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