Insight on the Sona of the Philippine President

Topics: Philippines, Trustee, President of the United States Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Reflection and Insights of the S.O.N.A. of the President of the Philippines as of July 22, 2013.

As of July 22, 2013, the president had begun his State of the Nation Address regarding the current situation of the country. At first he had thoroughly distinguished the differences of a crooked path which corruption is imminent and a straight path bringing greatness to a country which was quite similar to his previous election campaigns. The first issue was simply the vanishing of funds wherein 70% (1.4 Billion Pesos) of the calamity fund worth 2 Billion Pesos as of the year 2010 is measly consumed in the rainy season excluding major typhoon hits and calamities. He also indicated that the province of Pampanga received 108 million Pesos while on the contrary the province of Pangasinan which was severely affected by Typhoon Pepeng received a mere 5 million Pesos, though minimally supported Pangasinan is forced only to fix damages done by a previous typhoon (Cosme) rather than the current property damage inflicted by the typhoon. Another surprising issue is the unusual payroll of MWSS employees especially the board of trustees. The entire payroll is to be 51.4 million pesos annually but reaches a staggering amount of 211.5 million pesos since 81.1 million pesos are the additional allowances and benefits. From the given a worker in MWSS earns an equivalent of a thirty month pay of a regular worker annually. Sadly, those who have retired aren’t given their right amount of pension because of the high payroll of the board of trustees and board committee that these specific people are awarded simply of their attendance in board meeting. These people were then known to be as the former president Arroyo’s midnight appointees.

Another issue is infrastructures where DPWH identified 246 priority safety projects yet only 28 projects are funded while the rest are replaced with 70 new projects unenclosed in the plans. What’s worse is from the 425 million pesos allotted for...
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