Insider in Fahrenheit 451 and Extra, a Thousand Years of Good Prayers

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The meaning of ‘outsider’ is the person in part of the society. They obey and converge in the social value which set up by the government. In both Fahrenheit 451 and A thousand years of good prayers, we see that there is several of characters absorb the knowledge and social value. These characters are under controlled and they find it is a right way in obeying the structure of the society. ‘Outsider’ in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury represents to the main character Montag and other characters such as Clarisse, Faber, the woman burnt and Captain Beatty. They are healthy on themselves. But there is something goes on a wrong way in the society. Besides, the ‘outsiders’ in the story Extra from the book A thousand years of good prayers by Yu Yun Li are the main characters Granny Lin and Kang. In this story, Old Tang has no idea what he is rolling in the society as he has got the Alzheimer disease, which makes him living with unconsciousness. In this story, three of them are all extra that no more space for them in the society. This essay will tell how the control of government influence society value, what is the society value being abandoned and the individual society value from both novels. In the book Fahrenheit 451, the life of the insider Mildred, is surrounded with technology and restricted by government. She watches the wall-TV every time and soon becomes anti-social. Her routine is full filled with watching wall-TV. She somehow demands to buy the forth wall to entertain her more. Government is trying to control their acknowledgement through the technology, the wall-television. You become any shape that they wish you to (p. 92). Bradbury use metaphor to explain that the government controls their mind and built their personality through the wall-TV.

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However, the outsider Montag, who has started to think, is not satisfied with this kind of activity that can’t make him gain any knowledge from it. He walked over, reading the last page with nodding his head, folded the script and handed it back to her (p. 28). He was dissatisfied with his own shape that being built by the wall-TV. He knows that technology is ruining everyone life as anti-social makes everyone stays inside their own house and has no interaction with others. The wall-TV has substituted for reality connections. In this case, government is controlling individual in society by technology. Similarly, the characters rolling insider in the story Extra such as Auntie Wang and the sons of Old Tang are all getting in the society value that set up by government, too. Government is founding a society in this story: everyone treats money as the most important thing in their life. For Auntie Wang, her purpose in encouraging Granny Lin to marry to Old Tang may tend to make profit from this matchmaking. Her purpose may be trying to find a best solution to solve the financial problem that Granny Lin faces. But what she does may helping herself and other else (Granny Lin) to face the reality that money is the most important thing in society. When your husband died, at least you can inherit some of the cash (p. 4). The social value founds by government implies everyone starts to treat money as an essential to live in society. For the outsider Granny Lin, she changes to accept the ‘offer’ to marry with Old Tang. She knows she has to change or else it will become a hard task for her to continue living in the society without money, which is because of losing a job. Both books are conveying the social value which controlled by the government. The contrasts are Montag is starting to disagree with the

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society controlled by government while Granny Lin is changing to accept this society. Which means Granny Lin is being controlled by the idea that government founds. The social value being abandoned exists in both books. Montag is the one being abandoned in the middle part of Fahrenheit 451. Mildred is one of the people to ring up the...

Bibliography: Bradbury, R. 2004. Fahrenheit 451. London: Voyagers.
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