Inside Out Book Reaction

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Death row Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: April 2, 2014
NAME November-December 2013 Intro to Corrections Book reaction paper INSIDE OUT

My reaction to the book Inside Out by Harry Camisa and Jim Franklin was a good one. I really enjoyed reading this book. I was on and off about a job in corrections and this book is really something I think people interested in this field should read, it is just such an eye opener to what really can happen in this career. I think the part that caught my eye the most, and really held my attention to this book was the stories about executions witnessed. The craziest one was about the first execution witnessed and the sounds of the mans bare chest smacking against the restraint straps while the electricity was sent through his body. I can imagine how horrifying that could’ve been for someone new in the field at that time. Trenton, one of the oldest, and toughest, maximum security facilities.

One inmates story who I enjoyed was Kayo. Kayo was a 6 foot 1, 250 pound man known in the streets as “The King of the Loansharks”. He was one of the most feared men in the New York City area. Kayo was part of the mob since his early twenties and wasn’t the smartest man out there.. in a trial against him murdering a stockbroker he went and represented himself. He had received 30-44 years in the federal pen. Another inmate story which was pretty interesting was the first man Harry had ever seen executed, Theodore Walker. Walker was a young black male who had committed first degree murder on a young woman over robbery. He had been executed 11 1/2 months after the crime was committed. This is what makes me love this book. Justice was delivered so quickly back in the fifties. This story makes you think about, wow 11 1/2 months after? Criminals today are on death row for years, and years. It makes you wonder if the justice system got weaker, or the criminals just got...
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