Inside Looking Out

Topics: Korean language, English language, Language Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: April 26, 2007
Inside Looking Out

Sometimes when analyzing a situation people tend to look only at the outer appearance of the situation. Neither detail nor true feelings can be determined by the outer experience. Although people tend to relate to a situation, the best way to get the true affect is by experience. "Mute in an English-Only World" by Chang Rae-Lee illustrates the importance of language as a means for social interaction and the power of language, in the American society during the 70's. This in my opinion could only be understood by experience in this situation. After reading the story, one could see or appreciate his determination to make his mother's story known. The author describes the hard times immigrants have because they speak imperfect or broken English through the use of rhetoric. In some instances not all needs are catered to, but I believe this is one where they should be met. I will analyze the logos, pathos, and ethos of the author to determine his feelings on the subject. The writer's audience is anyone who has experienced a situation similar to his family. His purpose is to get people to recognize as well as change their views on immigrants that can not speak English fluently. He not only writes of his mother's thoughts, but the reactions of others to his mother during her shopping trip. The author's attitude towards the situation poses much concern for him and immigrants like him. In the beginning of the essay, while reading an article in a local paper, the author says "I unexpectedly sympathized with the frustrations, resentments and fears of long time residents…they clearly felt alienated and even unwelcome in a vital part of their community." It could be determined that there was a similar situation that he has endured in his childhood or past. He not only wants the signs for his family, but other immigrants as well. Not only is he writing about situations non-English speaking people face everyday, but he is writing from...
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