Topics: Police, Nigeria, United Nations Pages: 4 (606 words) Published: July 9, 2014

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Security in Nigeria

Since 2005 the security situation in the Niger Delta has deteriorated. Heavily armed and well-organised gangs steal large volumes of crude oil worth millions of dollars a year and invade oil and gas facilities in the delta, shutting down operations, kidnapping staff and sabotaging equipment including pipelines. Rival gangs and ethnic factions have clashed violently in several of the delta’s towns. Barges take stolen oil to tankers waiting offshore for export.

The threat to people working in oil and gas operations in the delta remains high. In recent years, gangs have kidnapped SPDC employees and contractors. People working for our joint venture were killed in assaults and kidnappings in the same period.

There are many factors at the root of the instability in the Niger Delta – including unfulfilled aspirations for political recognition and influence, poverty and historical neglect, and criminality. We believe that the situation needs to be addressed through dialogue, alongside immediate infrastructure development and providing employment.

Our priority is to keep our staff safe while we continue to work with the communities, the federal, state and local governments, and other agencies in an effort to help restore peace in the Niger Delta. We continue to look for ways to improve the way we manage our relationships with communities to contribute to social...
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