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Insecurities can drive someone to insanity.People that have low self -steem can be clearly dangerous. When someone is constantly accusing one of doing something has a lot of issues between themselves. Jasmine and shawn is a couple that lives on day St.., jasmine is 18 attending montclair state university living on campus and shawn attends NJIT going off campus. They have been dating for 3 years and have been known a the perfect couple but little did the people know what she was dealing with behind closed doors. So heres the story behind it. Shawn's mind is not focused on how school is going for jasmine he focus is on how many guys tries to talk to Shawn : So how many boys try to hit on you a day bae?

Jasmine : why does it matter,the only thing that matters is our relationship your focused on everything but us,like i just don't understand why we go through this all the time. Shawn : laughing, i just wanted to know, it was just a joke. What shawn didn't understand is that jasmines focus was on school not anyone else but achieving, he couldn't seem to understand her at all. Shawn couldn't focus on school because he was to busy worried about what jasmine was doing when she wasn't home. Shawn pulls up to jasmines school and see her talking to an handsome guy and he completely flips the scrip. Shawn immediately took action as if jasmine have kissed the boy or is blushing behind him, shawn didn't get the picture that jasmine was all him no one else, Shawn gets out the car forced with alot of anger not knowing what he that his relationship was about to end as soon as he made the move before thinking about it. Jasmine : seeing shawn, what are you doing here without calling,looking confused Shawn: angry, so this is what you do when your in school,you flirt with guys then come home and act like your all me, Jasmine: in shock,what are you talking about bae, this is my classmate we were just talking about class, i swear your so damn insecure, i don't...
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