insects in the sea

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Insects in the Sea
After reading multiple discussion board posts, I realized that many students had great examples as to why insects are not found in the sea. I found three specific hypotheses that I supported. The fact that insects need oxygen to survive, their size ratio compared to their predators, and their inability to survive in salt were the three hypothesis of my choosing,

First, the simple fact that insect need oxygen to survive. In the lectures, we discussed how some insects live in an aquatic habitat, prior to being in their adult stage. Even while living in an aquatic habitat, the insects must return to the surface to retrieve oxygen. The need for oxygen would create a weakness for the insects that would be sure to get them killed. An insect does not have the size or strength to contend with ocean currents, or it’s predators.

The size of insects play a huge role in why they can not survive an ocean habitat. Insects are so small that they would be an easy target for the many predators that inhabit the ocean. Bass fish, blue whales, and clown fish could all be examples of predators that could easily consume any small insect that lived in the sea.

Finally, the hypothesis that insects could not survive due to the salt content of the water was most convincing. Even if insects could find a way to survive the currents and the predators of the ocean, there is no way for them to overcome the salt of the water they would be living in. We discussed in class how insects have trouble with water content of their bodies. The salt would be to overpowering for their system, and they would most likely die.
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