Insect and Little Research

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Do You Know that Termites are Attracted to Music?

You may be curious and your eyebrows are crossed right now, (I suppose) if termites are attracted to music. Well, yes, but let me explain further. I’ve done a little research and I hope I answered in a very scientific way.

What are termites?

Termites are small white insects which live in hot countries in homes made of earth. Termites do a lot of damage by eating wood.

Are Termites Attracted to Music?

However, the answer is YES but here’s the deal.

Termites are not attracted to music per se, it’s the vibration that the music is making. The fact is, termites don’t hear nor see. Their behavior are based upon what we call pheromone.

I looked up for the meaning of this from the dictionary and here’s what I got.

Pheromone is a chemical secret by insects and affects its behavior. In this light, termites are insects and they secrete pheromones.

Now, let’s highlight the word “influences the behavior” from the pheromone definition.

Since termites don’t hear or see, music influences their behavior from the vibration they feel which the music is making. They are affected by it by munching twice as fast as you play them loud music. Why? It’s because loud music creates thumping vibration. As long as it’s loud especially rock music, it makes termites eager to eat as long as they are feeling the thumping vibration. You see, vibration can manipulate them into eating fast depending on the vibration that music creates.

You may wonder, what if you play them soft music such as ballad, what could it do to them?

Well, as long as music creates vibration, termites’ eating behavior is affected. Logic is, the faster the vibration they feel, the faster they eat.

So, check out your houses or your music room’s wall or furniture that is made of wood. You might take this fact into consideration to keep away termites from your home.
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